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The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter is a car club dedicated to all Oldsmobiles 1897 to present. Ownership of an Oldsmobile is not compulsory.


Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter

28 Garfield Crescent
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3L7




PLEASE NOTE: This club does not buy or sell cars and parts. We cannot diagnose car problems or maintenance issues. We do not provide car appraisals or watch for that certain car you are looking for. We have no supplier lists. Questions of the above nature cannot be answered due to the various thousands of issues, for different cars, models, years and there is no one dedicated to doing this. However, some of our members can answer your questions or provide services. When you join our club, you will receive a membership roster in February of every year. It lists all the members and their contact info and the cars they own. Find the ones that have the same car(s) in common and see if they can answer your questions. That’s your best option. You will also get our guide on how to search for cars and parts as well as our 26 page newsletter, with “how to” articles and other interesting stories. You also will get a free ad in the Oldsmobile only classifieds section that may even have the car or part you’re looking for. If you’re serious about Oldsmobile, you can sign up as a member on our “Join Page”.

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