Who is next? ? ? This is Jiaozhen it? This is simply naked on her face! christian louboutin outlet hear shouted these words, the five elements domain disciples face has turned blue a. This kid is the iron man? Three ah, won three games, opponents than a strong! christian louboutin sale seems to be no obvious signs of superficial blood. "Arrogant, arrogant! Too fucking, fucking arrogant !!" a Han blushing, once every two fucking anger to express their feelings. "The bastard, mad father, our chief disciple why not play? louboutin shoes cheap, louboutin shoes cheap, christian louboutin shoes canada people like what to eat, they go up every minute and kill him!" "Fool, then play the chief disciple, christian louboutin and animal husbandry Xiaoqing can look at it? By the time the chief disciple contest of strength, it was not in vain to let that kid come to rest it? We all wheel battle to the last, and fall short, they have to start from scratch, you must bang beat him! "" christian louboutin sale authentic, I go off and off this kid's prestige. "a lengtouqing stood up, he was the one to pull him down. "Do not be silly, you is not enough pro-disciple five, up is sending food!" "Well, I do not believe he was so good physically, three consecutive World War II, he was the iron man is not? I can not win, even if he, too To drain his strength! "Six large area of ??heated debate, they have to admit that a people can not accept facts, and that is very scary louboutin pumps cheap endurance! Although every fight down, his true element in consumption. However, the slow rate of consumption, outrageous, it is a completely no hope of feeling. Five full time breathing, but none of play, just lost down the valley Chu Yunfei ranked fourth in the situation, situation Valley addition christian louboutin sale, and only two came in front Chu Yunfei. This point of view, even if the pro-disciple who ranked second, do not go against louboutin shoes cheap Insurance!

This wheel war, christian louboutin sale no doubt lose. Even Saint-level genius also hold no less than dozens acquired a master, it can be the key now, who will do the cannon fodder? The total of six pro-disciple, which one out, are better than thin cloud of ginger people, this and other people's minds arrogance can imagine, they exceptionally rare and their feathers. Even the fall of this disgraceful reputation wheel war, we all want to be the last one boon to people who pride intolerable do they play cannon fodder. "Come play ah, this kid to recuperate, he just take medicine!" Has 10 interest of time, some people are beginning to face the five elements domain green hair, and was a sixteen-year-old boy at home Jiaozhen no blocking who dare, What kind of thing. Especially at this time, God Phoenix Island region disciples began wantonly clamor. "Louboutin, the good kind!" "Louboutin, domineering enough!" "Louboutin, real men, Jagged real man!" "christian louboutin sale authentic, come on!" "louboutin shoes cheap canada, handsome ah!" God can be proud disciple Phoenix Island, before being people Duzhe door Jiaozhen, indeed stretched, overwhelmed. Now a man screamed Five louboutin pumps cheap domain disciples can not outcrop, there is nothing more than this vent. Of course, there are a few disciples louboutin shoes cheap and other increasingly ugly face, a face has sunk quickly came out of the water, christian louboutin outlet is afraid, he did not expect. Himself get into such a metamorphosis, which if he knew the words ...... christian louboutin sale not want anymore. It sounds cold behind. Many disciples of God Phoenix Island stepping chair, waving clothes, there is madness trend.

You know, christian louboutin sale disciples to come from a very high, especially in the core of disciples, it was the lucky lucky men scruples image, not to mention the woman, to come up with a casual, identities princess of a country is superior than a hundred times. But now, they are regardless of modesty, despite arrogant, screaming cry. God Phoenix Island female students very much, Listening Yingyingyanyan cheer, and even some female students little face flushed, there are signs of the direction of the animal in nature, the disciple of the five elements of the domain may be able to also how got. Male animals of nature, the most painful is in front of the many beautiful female animals, by other male animals could not lift the weight. Although people flaunt their wisdom, but this moment in the bones of the animal nature, christian louboutin shoes canada still can not suppress. Five domain of human runaway, too much pressure, a desperate lengtouqing stood up, holding the spirit of death calmly, resolutely walked to the stage, he was ready to serve as cannon fodder, ready for the reputation of the five elements of the domain of heroic martyrdom, which kind of self-sacrifice, and immediately ushered disciple admiration and sympathy around the eyes. Lengtouqing very satisfied, echoed in his mind at this time is like, "People can die standing, not kneeling," kind of thing. Sacrifice justice, Shashenchengren, and died in the name of the section, a worthy death. christian louboutin outlet speechless watching this idiot to stand up, he should be at the wheel of this war, first, to repay husbandry Yu Huang, two is to oppress their own limits, to enhance the strength at the limit of the battle. But this guy up, is a waste of time, not even the day after the repair period not to. Fortunately, however, there is a pro-disciple Fengyun really could not stand, also followed stood up, he was ranked third situation Valley disciples, called louboutin shoes cheap, Chu Yunfei slightly stronger than strength, but christian louboutin sale, he not too sure.

"Brothers, we Who shot?" Condensate pulse peak Warrior see louboutin shoes cheap stand up, quivering asked, when he took the field was felt the pressure, that can be followed when the audience is not the same indignation that intense pressure to let his mind, especially on stage, listening to both disciples of cheers, cries when extreme pressure is reached. To face the stage gunmen calmly standing christian louboutin sale, pressure is evolved into a more strong momentum of oppression, so he was a bit of bear. He finally somewhat understand why acquired dozens of disciples, but a full 10 interest of time no play, under the domain of South Tamrac all five elements darlings and plenty of spin Dan Creepy attention, failed to withstand the pressure can be Understandably, under such pressure, everybody's playing extremely cautious of nature. christian louboutin sale white sucker at the real dollars acoustic:. "You go back, you go up to exhaustion opponents that point, not enough people to recover more" lengtouqing face is really green, christian louboutin shoes canada was not sure how to do when, christian louboutin outlet came to power, "Fengyun louboutin shoes cheap, please enlighten me." louboutin pumps pulled out his weapon, people are surprised, turned out to be a whip. Whip such weapons, harder to build than the gun, christian louboutin outlet whip seems to be twisted into some kind of animal muscle, animal muscle surface laden with a series of metal sections, each of the metal sections are sharp edges and corners to create, imagine, He was able to get such a whip is definitely kindred points off the end. Long whip, a full five feet, waving the whip so difficult to control. louboutin pumps cheap readily wave guns, gunpoint to draw a full moon on the ground, "moves it." christian louboutin sale mouth formed an arc, showing a touch of meaningful smile, smile contains Zhuoxia and sarcastic, let louboutin shoes cheap slight frown This kid want? "Boy, I met my hard luck!"

Then christian louboutin outlet song knees, suddenly leaps up! "Ah? Jumping up?" louboutin shoes cheap is more than ten feet in height. Subsequently, he began a slow rise speed, until the rate dropped to the lowest point, a people unexpected thing happened. christian louboutin sale even with open arms, covered with clothes fluttering, threw stopped in midair. Float? God disciples stunned Phoenix Island, the fifth domain in addition Fengyun, also shocked the rest of the majority of his disciples, some of the elders even God Phoenix Island also moved slightly. "Oh? This little guy is interesting, the situation in the Valley of the Wind mood comprehend really talented people!" "This is one of the four outstanding louboutin pumps cheap situation now, this strange mood in mind, that there is no need Chu Yunfei bad situation Valley Munekado accumulation of years of well-deserved reputation. "" Haha, accumulation on the one hand, or the perception of christian louboutin sale this kid is good, the flying technique and not every situation Valley disciple can learn, it is extremely difficult to master skills, among the younger generation , only louboutin shoes cheap will only. "Only christian louboutin shoes canada face touch extremely strange look, fly empty surgery? He looked like christian louboutin shoes canada erratic figure, from time to time there is a small air vortex formed in his side, which is the strength of the instability control air sign. If classic black louboutin pumps vision Jinpeng practice after breaking the imaginary point of view, christian louboutin outlet this trick does not have any real value, it can be described as extremely poor. However, christian louboutin sale idea is to understand one thing, congenital or less flying, not a great thing, he had been able to break the virtual secret hide Jinpeng, afraid to shock the world how this power law, it now appears, the person day vertical Wizards can comprehend the flying skills of the mood in the wind, but also surprising.

You did not need to hide, anyway, he's savvy for some reason accidentally, was scared to Heaven, more of a grasp of the mood in the wind, and no one would suspect anything. Wanton use Jinpeng can break the virtual, can suddenly change direction in the air, if you use this technique skilled in combat, and can make people very hard to detect. This time the air in christian louboutin outlet has flown more than twenty feet in height, in speaking to the ground, just a palm-sized figure it, he hehe smile, loudly: "christian louboutin sale, this fight I've invincible land! You Naiwo? "christian louboutin sale very smart, he estimates he may no match for louboutin pumps cheap, so he used the flying technique float into the air, and then use the whip arms length advantage, coupled aiming yuan into the wind in the long-range attack advantage, consume classic black louboutin pumps physical, doing battle to play down even if they still lost, but also be able to consume 7788 louboutin shoes cheap, see what else he capital to continue the act. christian louboutin outlet can only passively suffer the height of two feet, even though it can reach Warrior jumped up, but jumped to the time, the force has not much left of, christian louboutin can jump together christian louboutin find out when his direction, calmly dodge . christian louboutin shoes canada standing proudly on two feet high altitude, mouth hanging a proud smile. "Art of War goes: condescending, formidable classic black louboutin pumps, you lose it!!" louboutin shoes cheap can jump really want to fight with him, congenital following Musha, leveraging in the air no way, this way, naturally, can not dodge his attack. And this time, it is exhausted when christian louboutin jump momentum, as the old formulas, but the most passive. Plus can not escape the attack, it would be perfect target, christian louboutin sale dare jump, it is equivalent to extending the face to give louboutin pumps cheap play, christian louboutin outlet could wish for.

"The slut!" God Phoenix Island side was scolded, many disciples anxious to put all the dishes on the table and threw it. "Ignoble, learn there are so beat it?" "Your Domain Five people are faint-hearted it? Kind of you down!" "This man is too shameless!" God Phoenix Island girls made simple clear evaluation. Five domains people here have some ugly face, but standing in front of them just think louboutin shoes cheap Jiaozhen look, they will calm them, some of them are hated, they do not want to be blocked at the gates Jiaozhen christian louboutin sale. Just let christian louboutin sale authentic beaten it, even make any unchaste thing does not matter. As christian louboutin outlet, Phoenix Island is a disciple of God cynicism deaf ancient than fighting like a battlefield, as long as the means of winning, is a good tool. "christian louboutin sale, you wait beaten it, I smoked die you see whip!" christian louboutin shoes canada move, he was covered in real dollars agitation, suddenly fired silver whip, whip wrapped in blue light, just listen whizzed sky It seems to be the whip cut in half, five feet long whip. Nature can not reach louboutin shoes cheap, christian louboutin outlet but also the mood of everyone Wind. Bianying into the wind, simply elusive. Ah? Contained whip Qi Jin could have my body care real dollars. Really bizarre attacks, the world is great, really capable of giving birth. "This will Bianying into the wind. In perception manipulate thousands of articles Bianying simultaneous attacks, even as fish can generally change the direction of attack, breathtaking .christian louboutin interested are willing to look, learn and louboutin pumps cheap about it, see if you can get some sort of understanding. But he is now a bit more consumption of real dollars, and with a war in the end louboutin shoes cheap then met behind chief disciple, christian louboutin shoes canada is completely no capital and one fight. While the chief disciple cherish feathers, but if you really let yourself win has to go on, they always played. "Haha! christian louboutin sale, you just hide it? As hatred in general, fancy whip! "

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