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1927 Oldsmobile Model 30E

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Fort Edmonton Park

Born Again '27

In 1994 The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter was asked if it would supply information to Fort Edmonton Park on a 1927 Oldsmobile Model 30E sedan. The
Fort had purchased one but it was not in good enough shape to display. The members agreed to help. Rather than just supply data on the car, members volunteered to fix the ol' girl up.

Some of the members that volunteered to beautify the the old '27 were by trade, bodymen, mechanics, & partsmen. Even others had no experience with this sort of thing at all, but wanted to help.

We got together at the Motordrome (recreation of a 1910 automobile dealership that used to be in Edmonton) and started sanding. We solicited businesses around the city. When we chose the colours, MDA/CO Auto supplied the paint (free of charge) to Lakewood Chev-Olds who performed the paint job (free of charge). The City of Edmonton supplied the car trailer to take the car where ever we needed it (free of charge). The paint was applied and the car looked great!

The interior's age was obvious now that the outside was complete. Trevor Brown Upholstery was approached and did a complete interior job (free of charge). Fanny's Fabric supplied the material, you guessed it, free! The only thing needed was small detail work, and it was offered, again free of charge, by Dr. Kar Kleen. They did the wheels, engine, undercarriage.

Six weeks after we had started the work, the car was displayed at West Edmonton Mall. It now resides at Fort Edmonton Park. Honoured in the showroom of the Motordrome is a 1929 R.E.O. and one of Ransom Eli Olds' other creations -"Our" 1927 Oldsmobile Model 30E Sedan.